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Chair legs attached

This morning I used a template cutting bit to profile the rear legs. I used a new template bit I received the other day. It is quite hefty and very quiet.

After cutting the joinery for the chair legs, I attached them to get a look at how the chair sits on the ground.

Mesquite presents its fair share of challenges including numerous splits which need to be filled and stabilized before moving onto the next step. Once the epoxy filler in the legs cures I can cut the back rest and attach the arms.While it looks very square and rough for now, soon it will be sculpted into a beautiful chair.





5 Responses to “Chair legs attached”

  1. Norm always had a prototype to display. Where is your matching chair? LOL.

    Back legs all one piece?

  2. That’s a pretty sweet looking shear template bit. What brand is it? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to located it.

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