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Hand Planes and Bench Tops

6 Responses to “Hand Planes and Bench Tops”

  1. I enjoyed that video. Nice work. Are you going to put a finish on the top?

  2. I like the instructional videos. Give it a year or two and we’ll be watching you on PBS or HGTV. What do you do with all those shavings? Maple smoked bbq maybe?

    • As long as its not on Lifetime or Bravo I’m down. The shavings help fill up the local landfill. What would be great is to get a pellet stove for the house and a small fuel pellet machine. I would have copious amount of heating fuel for the whole winter. You could compost it or try to BBQ but I think they are a bit small. I do use my hickory, cherry, mesquite and maple off cuts in the bbq.

  3. Looks like this is going to be a great bench. You need to post this as a “core body” exercise video. Dragging a 7 1/2 plane across the far side of that slab must really work those obliques. ;>)

    • It is certainly a workout. The actual process took about 30 minutes. When I first started using hand planes I could only last a few minutes before cramping up and sweating all over the place. While I still sweat all over the place, I can go for a good hour between breaks and no more cramped forearms.

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