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Arizona Hall Table Part 4

Today I sanded all of the components for both the walnut and mesquite hall tables to 400 p. I also spent a good amount of time shaping the through tenons and bottoms of the table legs to match the radius edge on the rest of the components.  I use compressed air to blow all of the dust out of the pores in the wood to prep it for finish.

Here is a look at the unfinished parts.

As well as the unfinished walnut top with ebony splines

After applying a coat of satin arm-r-seal to the walnut and waterlox sealer to the mesquite I will leave the parts to dry overnight.

It is very exciting to see the wood with finish for the first time.

The walnut top is stunning in person. It is a very beautiful piece of walnut.

I am holding off on sanding the mesquite top in due to bound moisture content. There are a few areas on the mesquite top that have moisture content of 16%. I will finish sand the top after it reaches a moisture content of less than 12% in all places.

Here is a look at the unfinished figure in the mesquite. It is going to show a lot of beautiful figure once it receives some finish.

After two coats I will assemble the stretcher and complete the through tenons before assembling the rest of the table base.


One Response to “Arizona Hall Table Part 4”

  1. That’s some pretty stunning walnut…

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