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Arizona Hall Tables Part 3

On the third day of working on the hall tables I fine tuned the fit of each and every mortise and tenon joint and completed all of the major work on the table base. The leg tapers were laid out and cut on the band saw. I start out by drawing the taper on the legs using a pencil and free hand the cut on the band saw.

The through tenons were fit to the through mortises one at a time. After a bit of pre-finishing, I will assemble the through tenon and lock it in using hardwood wedges.

The final touch for the day included the arch profile, I like to use double stick tape and an mdf template. It is the easiest approach I have found and requires very little set up. Once the profile of the template is perfected, I trace the curve onto the hardwood and rough cut proud of the line on the band saw.

I use a flush double bearing router bit to follow the template and produce a perfect curve.  The bases really begin to look very refined at this point.

Before the taper and curved profile:

After some refined profiles:

Next up I will be completing the top and getting ready for finish. I am still monitoring the moisture content of a few areas on the top of the mesquite table as well as one of the legs. I will allow the piece to continue drying until the moisture content drops below 13% MC. While mesquite is an extremely stable wood and would likely finish fine at a higher level of moisture, I don’t cut any corners and I will continue to meter the wood until I am confident that the finish will turn out perfect.


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