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Arizona Hall Table Part 1

Today I began working on a set of hall tables.  A few days ago I hand planed the top flat and filled the cracks with black epoxy. I cut the legs from a large mantle piece and squared them up. This morning I started out by milling all of the stock for the rails and stretchers. The local sources I have for mesquite provide natural edge boards. The slab cut lumber provides the greatest number of options but it also requires a fair amount of prep work to get it ready for the machines.

After laying out the parts I use a jig saw to “straight line” the boards after which, I edge joint one side on the long bed jointer.

After a straight edge is established, I cut them to their rough width on the band saw, face joint and surface plane the stock straight and square.

With the stock ready to be cut to the final width and length I can finish the legs and get them ready for joinery. Mesquite is very rustic and full of natural cracks and splits. In order to improve the stability of the wood I fill all of the voids with black resin. For larger knot holes, it is important to pour in the resin in layers to prevent the build up of excessive heat and cracking the resin before it fully cures.

Once the cracks and voids in the legs are filled, I machine the surface clean.

The next post will cover the joinery and primary dry fit.


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