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Finishing touches

A few months ago I built a pair of side tables for the class I recently completed at Woodcraft. At the time I built them I finished one for a display and left the second un-assembled and unfinished. Over the past few days I finish sanded the parts, cut the drawer box and assembled the table. Today I added the final touches.

When I assemble the piece I use hardwood draw bore pins and set them just below the surface of the legs. To give the piece a bit more class I cap all of the pins with ebony plugs. The ebony plugs are made using several steps. The first step involves cutting the rough plug on the drill press with a tapered plug cutting bit. After drilling several plugs, I cover them with tape and cut the ebony blank on the band saw to release the plugs.

Each plug requires hand shaping. I use pliars and and a pair of mill bastard files to hand shape each plug.

Each plug takes several minutes to shape. There is a total of 20 plugs in the side table.

The plugs are carefully glued into each hole and set with a consistent reveal. The extra detail it gives adds to the expression of joinery.

After a few coats of satin Waterlox finish I will epoxy in the drawer pull and the matching pair of Walnut side tables is complete.

Moose has it all figured out.



One Response to “Finishing touches”

  1. That’s a good tip, Sam. I like the use of masking tape. Usually, I would just lever them out with a small chisel or screwdriver but, it takes time and isn’t always successful in retrieving a complete plug.

    Will have to try the bandsaw method, next time!

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