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California Trip Update

I’m now at 1700 miles of driving and 12 days in California. I spent some time in the San Joaquin Valley and a few days up in Mt Lassen National Park. I took Moose swimming in Deer Creek and Lake Almanor and now I am on the return leg of my trip. Last night I got back into Los Angeles and will be heading back to Tucson on Monday. I was able to get some photos of the nightstands next to the bed I built last year. I nearly forgot just how insanely solid the bed really is. You literally cannot cause it to budge. I don’t see how you could improve on it in any way.  The night stands are a perfect match for the bed and they should last just as long.

Here is a look at the night stands and bed in their new home. The next piece of the bedroom set will more than likely be a dresser or set of drawers.

Now that I am once again connected to the web I should be back to regular updates. Stay tuned for the start of the walnut and ash tv stand.


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