Correa Wood Works
Craftsman furniture featuring full integral mortise and tenon joinery. 100% solar powered!

More Photos

Today I photographed the velvet mesquite hall table I recently completed. I also took photos of the small Picana Negra cabinet stand I finished a few weeks back.

Here is a peek at both pieces after a little Photoshop.

Arizona Velvet Mesquite Hall Table:

Bird Watchers Box:

I am going to continue working on my website and also begin the design for a brochure and mailer. I hope to be back in the shop in the next week or so.


2 Responses to “More Photos”

  1. Great work. You do a wonderful job with Mesquite!

    • You gave me my first piece of mesquite wood about 5 years ago. I still have a small piece of that board. If I remember correctly, didn’t I give you some kind of crude clock face or something from that board? I don’t remember exactly what it was but I know that my wood working has come a little ways since then.


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