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Craftsman furniture featuring full integral mortise and tenon joinery. 100% solar powered!

Butchers Cart

I am slowly capturing improved photos of my furniture and updating my main website. It seems that I have been able to narrow down the process of lighting, shooting and editing my photos into decent quality product shots. In the next few days I plan on completing the photography of all of my finished furniture. With these new improved photos I am able to increase the visual quality of my website. Take a look at the power of some basic photo shopping.



To see some of the  improved photos as well as the updated page design of my website check out .

I will be posting more photos in the next few days.

By the way, If you read my previous post you will have seen the new design I am kicking around for a set of night stands. Last night, after I posted the pictures, I inadvertently closed the unsaved Sketchup design and as a result, lost the entire design. Fortunately having done it once, I should be able to draw it up fairly quickly.


2 Responses to “Butchers Cart”

  1. That’s a fantastic transformation, Sam – amazing what you can do, without having to spend hundreds on a top of the range camera! 🙂

    What will do once the thirty-day trial with Photoshop expires?

    • Olly,

      Thanks for the feedback. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The best part is the fact that I am doing this all without having to pay a photographer, web designer or purchase any fancy equipment. Once Photoshop expires I am going to look into Photoshop elements to see if it has all of the functions I am using in CS5.


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