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Mesquite Hall Table update…

As of June 28th 2010, two mesquite hall tables are nearly complete. Today, in this very workshop, the bases were sanded, assembled, pegged with walnut pins and finished with a single coat of oil. Tomorrow, the bread board tops will be built and turquoise will be inlaid into the cracks. If all goes according to plan, the tables will be finished and ready to sit for a few weeks until a coat of paste wax can be applied. Here are a few shots of the table bases as they sit.

The mesquite wood has some very interesting characteristics which you don’t see in many other woods. There are a number of vibrant colors which give the wood a very rustic quality.

This table base includes some of the most traditional craftsman joinery. Integral mortise and tenon joints which have been pinned with walnut dowels and wedged through tenons which are locked in place with desert ironwood provide an honesty to the construction. The slight compound taper on the legs trick the eye into studying the design further. The Greene and Greene arch profile flows  into the tapered legs to yield a very beautiful table base with perfect continuity.

The view from the front of the table carries the same taper and design as the side. The design of the tapered legs gives the false illusion of an inward taper. I like a tapered leg which is not obvious in it’s shape but instead yields a gradual form that makes a mild statement. For me this general form is simple and complex all at the same time. It is very easy to overlook all of the fine details involved in a simple table base but when you begin to examine my furniture you will see something new which hopefully ignites a curiosity of how this piece came to fruition.

I have a deep respect for the medium with which I work. Being able to reincarnate the energy put forth by this biological organism into a beautiful piece of art gives me great satisfaction. One of the unique characters of my furniture is the sun.  For nearly 400 million years  each and every cell of wood has been the result of photosynthesis fueled by the sun. I capture the very same solar energy which formed this wood and direct it into the tools and equipment I use to shape all of my work. The oil used to finish this piece is also derived from plants and beeswax. There is an intrinsic value in my work which is extremely rare in the furniture industry today. I believe it is our responsibility as workers of wood that we care for and appreciate the forests which make our craft a possibility.


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  1. The table is looking awesome! Hi Moose:)

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