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Mesquite Hall Table Dry Fit

The mesquite hall tables are coming right along. This build is different from the previous in on major way. I am working with one of the hardwood suppliers I use and showing him the basics of mortise and tenon joinery. Basically I am building one table and he is going through the motions to build the second one. on Thursday I completed milling all of the stock and also cut all of the joinery for both tables.

Here is a look at the parts for one of the hall tables.

Once the parts are cut, I work the tenons by hand until I achieve the fit I am looking for. Once all of the joints are good to go, I assemble the base for the first dry fit.

Today I made the arched rail templates and finished all of the shaping for the rails and legs. I tapered the legs using my band saw and edge sander and assembled the base for the second dry fit.

The next step will be cutting the joinery for the bread board ends on the table top and sanding the base.


3 Responses to “Mesquite Hall Table Dry Fit”

  1. You need to get Moose to try and smile for these photos…

  2. I like the curve you’ve added to the rails – not something you see every day and it instantly catches the eye.


    • Thanks for the comment Olly. The curve is one that was inspired by the Greene and Greene “cloud lift” arch. The arch I use is designed to be a bit more contemporary and timeless. For what it is worth it is made using established points from the golden ratio. While Mr. Krenov may not be impressed by said ratio, I find it to be a valuable design tool that helps the scale of my furniture remain attractive. By the way, the curved shoulders on the upper apron of your side table leg joints are very trick, you see that touch even less than an arched apron. I am looking forward to seeing all of your finished works at your upcoming expo.


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