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Buffet Dry Fit 1

Last night I completed all of the joinery for the buffet table base. This morning I assembled the base with the storage cabinet to test the fitment. It went together on the first shot.

Now that I know the components fit together properly, I will taper the legs, cut the arched profiles and drill for the draw bore pins.

I set the natural edge slab on top and have decided that I will be removing the natural edge and adding breadboard ends to both ends of the top. Here is a look at the natural edge top.

It just doesn’t have the right shape to fit the look of the piece.

In addition to the base, there are still several thing to do on the cabinet. I need to add the back panel and vertical dividers. I still need to get a few more pieces of 4/4 walnut to complete the door frames and drawer boxes. After a few days of delays due to epoxy cure time, things are starting to progress at a much better rate. One thing is for sure, the glue up for this piece is going to be insane.



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