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Dove Tails, Oo-oo!

Today I finished the set up for the new dovetail fixture. It worked like a charm. It was kind of amusing to complete all 80″ of through dove tails in less than an hour. Being able to step back and see the whole carcass complete so quickly was great.  In addition to the carcass, I filled the last two sides of the 24/4 walnut posts with epoxy. Once the epoxy cures I will be able to get the legs milled and mortises for the table base cut. I hope to have the table base, which will hold the cabinet, dry fit by tomorrow night.

More to come tomorrow.



One Response to “Dove Tails, Oo-oo!”

  1. I don’t think anyone can blame you for using a jig, here – the results are superb and you’ve saved yourself hours of strife and monotony!

    You’ve made an excellent decision in buying one of the Leigh jigs. For me, they’re one of the few jigs around that offer versatility and allow you to achieve joints that have the appearance of “hand cut” dovetails. There are many cheaper jigs available but they really don’t compare.

    A Leigh is for life!! 😉


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