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making drawer pulls

After gluing up all of the walnut panels I picked up some ironwood and played around with making a pair of drawer pulls. The wood is very hard to drill but it sands and finishes very nicely.

Here is a look at how I made the drawer pulls.

I start out by printing full scale templates of the profiles involved in the handle. I apply the template to the stock and very carefully drill the holes for the dowels.

Using a bandsaw I cut one profile at a time being sure to leave a small un-cut section in the center.

Next I apply the second template and cut the concave profiles.

After both profiles are cut you have a blank ready for some sanding.

Using a sanding drum mounted in my drill press I smooth out all of the concave curves. In order to sand the convex side, I clamp my belt sander upside down to my work bench and carefully sand until all of the saw marks are removed. With the help of a metal file and some hand sanding I get the pulls ready for assembly and finish.

Here is a look at the drawer/door pulls with one coat of satin varnish.

Here is a peek at some Arizona walnut that will be used for the top of the buffet. This stuff is beautiful and is going to look great paired next to the black walnut base.

I can’t wait to get these walnut slabs sanded tomorrow.  This is by far the best looking walnut I have come across. I am going to be on the lookout for more of the same in the future.



5 Responses to “making drawer pulls”

  1. Those are some nice looking drawer pulls! 🙂

    For me, that’s always the hardest part of a build like this. Choosing or making the right pulls can sometimes make or break a piece but, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about – plus, you have that stunning bit of walnut!!


  2. Great looking drawer pulls!
    Exactly what did you use and how did you connect the pulls to the drawer?

    Do you epoxy screws inside a hollow dowel or…?

  3. Handsome draw pulls, such balanced design. These are very impressive!

  4. Thanks very much for this design and how-to. I made a variation, 8 of them, slightly larger out of some old walnut table legs that my girlfriend had been saving. They came out very well (although more work than I thought). They fit your hand no matter how you use them. And they look terrific. I used them both horizontally and vertically. The sequence of operations that you described, along with the pictures, made it possible for me, as I am not much of a wood worker. Thanks again. john

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