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Clear-Vue Cyclone

While not quite furniture, I find this equally as interesting to share.

I completed the mounting bracket for the motor/blower and have finished all of the components for the new dust collector. The past several days have been spent wiring in a contactor, low voltage transformer and 30A circuit to power the 5Hp motor and micro switch activated blast gates. Here is a look at the cyclone as of Friday.

While the installation guide calls out for a 2×4 bracket, I chose to use some of the hardwood shorts I have. I dovetailed two pieces of quilted maple together to form the support brackets, used some left over 3/4 birch ply and maple plugs to add some gussets and increased the thickness of the support plate by 1.5″. After a 3/16″ roundover bit, some sanding and a few coats of satin lacquer It is done.

Take a closer look at the blower assembly and you will notice some extra electronics.The grey junction box contains two items. on the outside you can see a 24V low voltage transformer. The transformer will supply power for two items, the 24v coil and 6 magnetic contact switches. The magnetic contact switches will be attached to blast gates. The blast gates are used to channel the vacuum to a particular tool. There are 6 blast gates which remain closed when the system is off. For example, when I want to use the table saw, I will open the blast gate attached to the ducting used to  collect dust from the saw. The magnetic switch attached to the blast gate will activate once the gate is opened and in turn complete the circuit to the coil. The coil acts as an electro magnet and when power is sent to it it will close a relay and turn on the blower motor… Are you with me?

Here is a closer look at the coil and relay (together known as a contactor).

At the base you can see a coil of fine copper wire and two silver terminals. This copper “coil” is the electromagnetic coil. The black box is a 30Amp relay which is activated by the electromagnetic coil which “completes the circuit” via magnetic force and sends power to the motor when the micro switches are opened.

As the system becomes more complete I will post more pictures and try to better explain the setup.



One Response to “Clear-Vue Cyclone”

  1. Wow! That looks awesome. Very nicely finished. Fits well in that corner.

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