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More Non-Wood Type Work

I have not had a chance to move forward on any furniture now for more than a week. In substitution for some exciting discussions on woodworking, how about a little look into some new equipment.

I have finally received all of the components for my new Dust Collector.  Here you can see the improved MDF components.

The cyclone itself is made from PETG plastic. It is known as a “Clear Vue” …not sure why the vue??? I am using 6″ sink and drain pipe for all of the ducting. There are challenges to using PVC for dust collection but I will address them in further detail in the future. I have a team of highly qualified pro-bono engineers working to develop some interesting items…seriously, I do.

The dust collector will return clean HEPA filtered air through the massive filters in the fore ground.

All of the components come in a very raw form and require a little work to whip into satisfactory shape. Below you can see several items I have been working on for the electrical aspects of the system.

Getting the shop re-organized to make room for the dust collector and the  new saw has been much more work than I anticipated. I had to empty out the North Side of the shop in order to re-locate the lumber rack, make a home for the dust cyclone, shorten the out-feed table to the height of the new saw, run a new 220V circuit for the dust collector, refine all of the MDF components and seal them up with several coats of lacquer as well as sell my old table saw.

There are still a number of things to take care of before I can get back to shaping wood. I have also been working to re-organize my business for the upcoming home show. I plan on displaying a number of my works in hopes of gaining some new clients.  All in all, it has been a busy several weeks with nothing really exciting to share.

I really do hope to get back to regular posts on my furniture as soon as I am able.  Stay tuned for more wood working posts in about a week. Hopefully sooner but we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for all of you who keep checking in on my Blog. I promise more to come in the near future.



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