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Sleepy time down south

I decided to build a solid, and I do mean solid, walnut bed. It is to fit a queen and fit for a queen. I chose American black walnut and traditional mortise and tenon joinery. The frame members are 1.5″ thick. The panels are solid and 3/4″ thick. posts are 3 7/8″ and the rails are a massive 11″ wide and 1.75″ thick. This bed is built to last for the rest of time and guaranteed not to squeak.

Here is a look at how it all comes together.

surfaced black walnut ready for milling

When I get the stock into my shop I let it acclimate for three weeks before I even think about touching it. It is amazing how much the wood will move while it dries out in a climate controlled setting.

After It has acclimated It is off to the jointer and planer for some lessons in being square!

After all is said and done, there will be a need for some sweeping in my shop. This bed made 8 55 gallon trash bags worth of walnut shavings. The smell of milling walnut is great like no other.

After the walnut is square I can cut all of the individual components and begin on the joinery. Here’s a look at the milled components.

Mortise and tenon time.

Once the fit of all joinery is to my standards, it’s time for the glue up.  Planning out a glue up order is a must when your working with a large piece like a head board. I try to break it down in to a series of glue ups but in this case the only way to ensure a perfect square fit is to do it all at once.

I like to pre-finish the panels and rails to promote a very high quality both in appearance and longevity. After the oil cures, the bed will receive several coats of hand wiped urethane varnish.

Varnish applied and ready for the trip out west. One unique feature with this bed is the detail of the slats. I use dovetailed slats both for look and function. The dovetailed slats ensure that the bed stays square and also eliminates squeak or creak noise. The slats are supported by solid walnut tapered feet. take a look.

and the dovetailed slats

More to follow after delivery.


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